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The following is a list of projects from 1994 to 2001

Banks/Financial Institutions      

Commercial Buildings  

Custom Residences


Hospitals/Medical Facilities


Office T.I.s










Banks/Financial Institutions


American Savings Bank - Mesa, Arizona                                                                      

American Savings Bank - Phoenix, Arizona

American Savings Bank - Tucson, Arizona

Arizona Bank - LaPaloma

Arizona National Savings/Credit Union

Bank of America - Siete Square

Bank One Litchfield Branch - Wigwam

Bank One - Phoenix, Arizona

Country Wide - Missouri Falls

Heritage Bank - Phoenix, AZ

Householder - Missouri Falls

Nations Bank - Missouri Falls

Norwest Bank - Ops 4

Norwest Bank Sun City Expansion

Stearns Bank 96th St/Shea

Valley Commerce Bank - Phoenix, AZ

Wells Fargo Bank - Casa Grande

Wells Fargo Bank - Central/Grant

Wells Fargo Bank - Tempe Remodel

Wells Fargo Ops 1 Phoneroom

Wells Fargo Ops 2 Phoneroom                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                


Government Buildings


Arizona Air National Guard Armory A/C

Arizona Air National Guard Papago Clinic

Arizona Department Of Administration Chiller Replacement

Arizona Department of Administration New Maintenance Facility

Arizona Department of Administration Personnel A/C

Arizona Department of Administration State HEalth Lab Modifications

Arizona Department of Administration W Adams Chiller Study

Arizona Department of Administration W Adams Chiller Replacement

Arizona Department of Corrections Control Room/Video

Arizona Department of Corrections Florence - N. Mens Unit

Arizona National Guard 52nd Street Armory Cooling

Arizona National Guard Waats Dining & Dormitory

Arizona National Guard Papago Clinic

City of Phoenix APS Courts Study

City of Phoenix Civic Plaza Mezzanine Study

City of Phoenix Deer Valley Airport Renovation

City of Phoenix Deer Valley Airport Study

City of Phoenix Juniper Library

City of Phoenix Mesquite Library

City of Phoenix Metro Facilities

City of Phoenix Metro Training Area

City of Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport Operations Center Addition

City of Phoenix Squaw Peak Park Improvements

City of Phoenix Orpheum Theatre Remodel

City of Phoenix Union Courts Study

City of Tempe Police Building Modification Study

City of Tempe Police Lobby Expansion

City of Tempe Police I.D. Bureau

Daisy Mountain Fire District

Department of Economic Security Warehouse

Luke Air Force Base Dining Facility

Maricopa County Medical Examiners Office

MCAS - Yuma Barricks Repair

U.S.P.S. Tucson Mission HVAC Study

U.S.P.S. Maryvale DDC Control

U.S.P.S. Sells Post Office

U.S.P.S. Mission Station DDC

U.S.P.S. Rincon Station

U.S.P.S. Rio Salado Chiller

U.S.P.S. Sunnyslope Station Addition

Veterans Administration National Cemetery                                                                              


Commercial Buildings



Athletes Performance Institute

Bekelian Auto/Marine

Ben Avery Firing Range

Boys & Girls Clubs of Metropolitan Phoenix

Hertz Rental Company

Hilton Point Tapatio Falls

Lakeview North Central Plant

Lakeview South Central Plant Upgrade

Madison Square I  Various T.I.'s and Remodels

Madison Square II Various T.I.'s and Remodels

Maracay - Scottsdale, AZ

Missouri Falls Various T.I.'s and Remodels

Osco Drugs 16,480 sq. ft. prototype

Prestige Cleaners - Scottsdale, AZ

Saks Fifth Avenue Biltmore

Scottsdale Fiesta Various T.I.'s and Remodels

Siete Square I Various T.I.'s and Remodels

Siete Square IV Various T.I.'s and Remodels

Superstition Foothills Recreation Center

Tempe Camera

Tempe Toys

Varsity Clubs of America

Volumes Bookstore

Wok King Restaurant - New River

Wok Wok Restaurant                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                


Office T.I.s



2001 East Campbell, Suite #200

3136 N. 3rd Ave Overview

63rd Ave/Buckeye Rd - Suite 103 T.I

A.B.I. Warehouse/Office Expansion

AG Communications Child Care Center

America West Reservations Center

Arizona Biltmore Overview

Avnet Stealth Office

Bagdad Office Building

Bay Colony Phase II Scottsdale, Arizona

Camelback Lakes Office Park - Various T.I.'s and Remodels

Camelsquare Office Park - Various T.I.'s and Remodels

Catholic Cemetaries Office Building

CB Commercial Building

Church of Christ Addition

Citizens Utility Switch Building - Kingman, AZ

Columbia Data Systems

Con West Office Building

Cottonwood Baptist Church

Excell Corporation - Tempe, AZ

Gould Evans Building Remodel

Hanson Building Remodel

Hensley Mezzanine

Horizon Building

Horizon Presbyterian Church

Hypercom Computer Room

NAU TV Comunications Office

Ombudsman Computer Training

One North First Street

Scottsdale Airpark Various T.I.'s and Remodels

Scottsdale Foundation for the Handicapped

Tempe Commerce Center

Tri-City Office Building

Uptown Plaza Boston Market Offices

Valley Lutheran Admin. Remodel

Warner/I-10 Commerce Center                                                                                                                                   




Arizona College of Massage Therapy

Arizona Science and Technical Charter School

Arizona State University Aquatic Center

Arizona State University Cognitive Behavior/Neurology Renovation

Arizona State University Cognitive Behavior Research Lab

Arizona State University Mediated Classrooms

Arizona State University Phi Sigma Kappa Fraternity Overview

Arizona State University Skyboxes

Arizona State University Tennis Center

Arizona State University 147 Workshop

Franklin School Study

Mesa Schools Addition

Northern Arizona University Communications Department T.I.

Paradise Valley Community College Student Services

Rancho Solano Middle School

Scottsdale Community College Language and Communications Departments

Scottsdale Community College Math/Business Departments

Scottsdale Culinary Institute

South Mountain Community College

South Mountain Community College Performing Arts Building

St. Barnabas Classroom Building

Tolleson Elementary School Phase V Class/Gym Building                                                                        


Hospitals/Medical Facilities



Ambulatory Care Centers

Cancer Centers


Emergency Care



Radiology/Imaging Facilities

Urology/Kidney Dialysis

Medical Office Buildings



Abbott Labs Training/Lab Remodel

Arizona Bone & Joint

Arizona Center for Health & Medicine

Arizona Heart Hospital

Arizona Heart Institute

Arizona State Health Lab HVAC Modifications

Associated Radiology Expansion

Associated Radiology MRI Chandler

Associated Radiology Nuclear Medicine Chandler

Associated Radiology Mesa T.I.

Associated Radiology Phase III

Athletes Performance Institute

Barnett Dulaney Eye Center

Biltmore Cardiology

Biltmore MRI

Boswell Hospital Central Plant

Boswell Hospital Child Development Center

Boswell Hospital Chiller 1995 through 1998

Boswell Hospital Clinical Lab.

Boswell Hospital Cooling Tower Replacement

Boswell Hospital Expansion Overview

Boswell Hospital Hyberbaric Chamber

Boswell SHRI Animal Lab

Boswell SHRI Tissue Culture Lab

Boswell Hospital Various T.I.'s/Remodels

Boswell Urgent Care Remodel

Chandler Mammography

Chandler Regional Hospital

Columbia Medical Center

Community Hospital

Del E Webb Hospital Expansion

Del E Webb Hospital Various Remodels/T.I.s

Dignita Hospice Peoria and Tucson

East Valley Diagnostic Imaging - Mesa

ElDorado Medical Center T.I.

Ganado Hospital Medical Gas

Ganado Hospital Surgery Suite

Good Samaritan Urology

Gray Dental Building

Griego Surgery Center

Harrington Bio Chemistry

John C. Lincoln Cowden Center

John C. Lincoln Deer Valley OR

John C. Lincoln Deer Valley MRI Replacement

John C. Lincoln Various T.I.s/Remodels

Mayo Clinic

Mesa General Hospital Various T.I.s/Remodels

NMC Blythe, CA

NMC Camarillo Kidney Dialysis

NMC El Centro

NMC Las Vegas

NMC Mesa, AZ

NMC Page, AZ

NMC West Albuquerque

North Mountain MOB

Papago Medical Center

Paradise Valley Hospital

Phoenix Baptist Hospital

Phoenix Memorial Hospital

Reno Diagnostic Imaging

Sage Memorial Hospital

Scottsdale Medical Imaging

Sojourner Center

St. Joe's Hospital Various T.I.s/Remodels

St. Luke's Hospital Various T.I.s/Remodels

Sun City Dialysis

Sun Health Alzheimer Residence

Sun Heatlh Care Center

Sun Health Hospice House

Sun Health Research Institute Lab

Tempe Radiology Remodel

Yuma Regional Medical Center Ambulatory Care Center

Yuma Regional Medical Center Cath Lab Renovation

Yuma Regional Medical Center Oncology

Yuma Regional Medical Center Surgery Department Renovation

Yuma Regional Medical Center YDIC Department



A.b.I. Warehouse/Office Expansion


Allied Signal 503 Conference Center

Allied Signal 503 Conference Center Revisions

Allied Signal Building 404 Lobby

Arizona Plating

AVNET Stealth



Durel Corporation

Genco Warehouse - Tolleson

Gencorp Aerojet

Gould Boiler Plant

Gould Central Plant Expansion

Gould Expansion

Gould System IV Expansion

Grif-Fab Warehouse - Kingman, AZ

Hensley Dewey, Arizona

Hensley Expansion, Phoenix, Arizona

Honeywell Talavi Expansion

IKON Warehouse

Insul. Chip Cont. Warehouse Cooling


Litton Industries

Lucent Technologies

Microchip Chandler

Mogollon Rim Brewery

Motorola 52nd Street Various Projects

Motorola Chandler

Motorola Ocotillo Central Plant Cooling

Motorola WACC

Orbital Sciences Thermal Chamber

Orbital Sciences Various Projects

Orbital Sciences Warehouse

Pilgrim Screw

Polymicro - Phoenix

Rogers Corporation

Rogers Corporation Building 4

Schneider Warehouse

Snyder of Hanover Various Projects


SpeedFam Cupps

SRP UDA Steam Project

Sumitomo Sitix Warehouse

Synetics Solutions, Tigard Oregon

TRW Various Projects

Varian Addition                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

Custom Residences


Graves Residence

Hallis Residence

Heintzman Residence

Hill Residence

3300 Residence

Oney Residence

Roe Residence

Rowland Residence

Shaulis Residence

Woldoff Cabin, Stoneman Lake

Wolter Residence

Yoder Residence