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Pete Kunka, P.E. President   Waldemar Kot, Vice President   Anthony Phu, Designer    Ronald Prusia, CAD   Jim Hart, CAD   

                                                                   Jeanne Bol, Office Manager


Peter Kunka, P.E.   


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shadowbox.jpg (746 bytes)  EDUCATION   

   Montana State College

   Arizona State University

shadowbox.jpg (746 bytes)   REGISTRATION

   Mechanical Engineer, Professionally Licensed to Practice in:


   Arizona (11635)                            Nevada                               Indiana               Oregon

   California                                    New Mexico                        Colorado

shadowbox.jpg (746 bytes)   EXPERTISE

Mr. Kunka, a Certified Energy and Technical Assistance Auditor in the State of Arizona, specializes in the design and application of mechanical (heating, ventilating and air conditioning, plumbing and process piping) systems for industrial, institutional and large commercial projects, including, but not limited to:

Primary/Secondary Pumping and Piping Systems

Boiler Plants:  High temperature hot water, LP and HP steam

Chiller Plants and Thermal Storage Systems

Air Handling, Filtering and Scrubbing Systems

Classified Vertical and Horizontal Laminar Flow Clean Rooms

Critical Temperature and Humidity Controls ("1/10EF"1%RH)

Reverse Osmosis and Ultra-Pure Deionized Water Systems

VAC, CA, DA, N, LN, H, AR, HE, O, NG, Process Gases

Sanitary, Industrial, Acid and Solvent Wastes

Magnetic Resonance, Imaging, CAT Scan and Radiation Oncology

Surgery, ICU, CCU, Stereotactic, Laboratories

Oxygen, Vacuum, Air, Nitrogen, and Nitrous Oxide Medical Gases

Balrooms, Meeting Rooms, B.O.T.H. and Guest Facilities

Laundries, Kitchens, Wine Storage and Cart Barns

Parking Garages, Maintenance and Refueling Facilities

Dormitories, Commissaries, Casitas, Nursing Homes

Classrooms, Gymnasiums, Auditoriums, Shops and Libraries

shadowbox.jpg (746 bytes)   EXPERIENCE


1965 TO 1973:    Jaros, Baum and Bolles Consulting Engineers in New York, N.Y.

          Some of the projects Mr. Kunka participated in include:

    - Mayfair Riverfront Inn, At the Arch, St. Louis, Missouri

    - Hilton Hotels in Skokie, Illinois and Rochester, New York

    - Hilton and Inter-Continental Hotels, Worldwide, including:

           Addis Ababa, Nairobi, London, Athens, Mecca, Riyadh, Montego Bay, Molokai, Ceylon,

           Seoul, Quito, Martinque, Lusaka, Cologna, Zagreb, Durban, Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpinki,

          Chittagong, Djakarta and Bali.

       - Monmouth Medical Center, Long ranch, New Jersey

      - World Trade Center, Shell and T.I. Projects, New York, N.Y.


1973 to 1993:    Lowry-Sorensen-Willcoxson Engineers, Inc., Phoenix, Arizona

    Among the various projects that Mr. Kunka has designed are new and remodel facilities which


         shadowbox.jpg (746 bytes) High-Rise, Mid-Rise, Commercial


                -   Valley National Bank Renovations

                -   1001 North Central

               -   Camelback Esplanade

                -   Clark Place, Las Vegas, Nevada

                -   Hartford Corporate Center

                -   American Express - Western Regional headquarters

                -   American Express - Travel Related Services 

                -   Cavan Corporate Center

                -   Alma School Corporate Center


         shadowbox.jpg (746 bytes) Hotels/Resorts


                -   Arizona Biltmore Resort Hotel

                -   Crescent Hotel, Phoenix, Arizona

                -   Four Seasons Hotel and Clubhouse at Troon North

                -   Ritz Carlton Hotel at the Camelback Esplanade

                -   Scottsdale Registry Resort and Conference Center

                -   The Point at South Mountain


           shadowbox.jpg (746 bytes)Healthcare 


                -   Mayo Clinic, Fountain Hills, Arizona

                -   Arizona State Hospital

                -   Baptist Medical Center

                -   Walter O. Boswell Memorial Hospital

                -   Boswell Cath. Lab, MRI and Oncology Facilities

                -   Camelback Hospital

                -   Chandler Regional Medical Center

                -   Cigna Facilities (Phoenix, AZ and Culver City, CA)

                -   Desert Samaritan Hospital

                -   Glendale Samaritan Hospital

                -   Good Samaritan Hospital

                -   Havasu Regional Medical Center

                -   Lakeview Medical Center

                -   John C. Lincoln Hospital

                -   Los Alamos Medical Center, New Mexico

                -   Maryvale Samaritan Hospital

                -   Mesa Lutheran Medical Center

                -   Osborn Medical Center (Outpatient Clinic)

                -   Phoenix General Hospital

                -   Phoenix Baptist Hospital

                -   Sage Memorial Hospital, Poncel Hall Reno., Navajo Nation

                -   Scottsdale Memorial Hospitals, Osborn and North

                -   Sonora Lab, Mesa Arizona

                -   Sun Health Properties, Sun City, Arizona

                -   Veterans Administration Hospitals (Phoenix & Prescott)

                -   Del Webb Memorial Hospital and Oncology Facility

                -   Institute of Biogerentology Research, Sun City, Arizona

                -   Pine Ridge Indian Nation Hospital, Pine Ridge, So. Dakota


           shadowbox.jpg (746 bytes)Municipal


                -   Arizona Department of Administration

                -   Arizona Department of Corrections

                -   Maricopa County bond Projects

                -   Yavapai County Courthouse Renovation

                -   Peoria Municipal Complex

                -   City of Chandler, Jail and Courthouse Remodel

                -   City of Mesa, Maintenance Facility

                -   City of Phoenix, Municipal Building - Sprinklers

                -   City of Tempe, Rio Salado Treatment Plant

                -   Salt River Project Headquarters

                -   Salt River Project, Power Plant Renovations, Page, Arizona


shadowbox.jpg (746 bytes)Industrial

                -   Aircraft General Corporation - Chandler, Arizona

                -   Delco Electronics, Kokomo, Indiana

                -   Gould, Foil Division, Chandler, Arizona

                -   General Dynamics, Ft. Defiance, Arizona

                -   Rogers Corporation, Chandler, Arizona

                -   Motorola Semiconductor, Mesa, Arizona

                -   Motorola Semiconductor, Phoenix, Arizona

                -   Motorola Semiconductor, Tempe, Arizona

                -   Motorola Worldwide Construction Group

                -   Nimtec, Inc., Chandler, Arizona                      

                -   Sperry Corporation, Phoenix, Arizona

                -   Space Data Corporation (Div. of Orbital Sciences Corp.)


shadowbox.jpg (746 bytes)Schools


      -   Arizona State University, various projects

      -   Beijing University, Peoples Republic of China

      -   Camelback high School Renovation

      -   Carl Hayden High School Addition and Renovation

      -   Eastern Arizona College, Classroom Building

      -   Gilbert High School

      -   Glendale Community College

      -   Marcos De Niza High School

      -   Maricopa Community College

      -   Mesa Elementary and High Schools

      -   Moon Valley High School

      -   Northern Arizona University, various projects

      -   Northwest and South Mountain High Schools

      -   Phoenix Union High School District, various projects

      -   Scottdale Schools, various projects

      -   South Mountain Comunity College, Central Plant


   shadowbox.jpg (746 bytes) Military

               -   Arizona Air National Guard, Phoenix, Arizona

                -   Arizona Army National Guard, Navajo Depot, Flagstaff, Arizona

                -   Davis Mountain AFB, Tucson, Arizona

                -   Fort Huachuca, Sierra Vista, Arizona

                -   Luke AFB, Glendale, Arizona

                -   Williams AFB, Chandler, Arizona


   shadowbox.jpg (746 bytes)1994 to Present


   President of Kunka Engineering, inc.  Active in project management and day-to-day operations, as

   well as serving on the Civic and Community Boards.


   shadowbox.jpg (746 bytes)Affiliations:  

                        City of Phoenix, Building Safety Advisory Board Member

                        Chairman, Mechanical and Plumbing Code Committees

                        Arizona State Bord of Technical Registration, Enforcement Advisory Committee

    Arizona State College Board, Facilities Advisory Council Member

    Arizona Society of Professional Engineers, Past Central Arizona Chapter President

    Arizona Hospital Engineers Association, Member

    Air Conditioning Contractors of Arizona, Associate Member

    American Arbitration Association, Member and Arbiter

    American Institute of Architects, Affiliate Member

    American Society of Heating, Refrigerating & Air Conditioning Engineers Past Central

          Arizona Chapter President, Chapter Regional Conference Chairman; Region X RVC

    American Society of Plumbing Engineers, Past Phoenix Chapter President, Regional

           Director and Bylaws Committee Member

    American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Member

    Kiwanis International, Past President, Papago Chapter

    National Society of Projfessional Engineers, Member (Past Chapter President)

    The Order of the Engineer, Member

    Who's Who in Arizona

    Who's Who in Engineering

    Who's Who in the West

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Waldemar Kot

Vice President


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shadowbox.jpg (746 bytes)EDUCATION   


B.S.M.E. Gdansk Politechnical Institute, Poland

shadowbox.jpg (746 bytes)EXPERTISE


Mr. Kot is a Project Manager with extensive involvement in the design of mechanical systems including heating, ventilating, and air conditioning; clean rooms, computer rooms, plumbing, process piping, and medical gas piping.  He is experienced with the special requirements of health care, industrial, commercial, government, correctional and education facilities, particularly with remodeling of buildings.

shadowbox.jpg (746 bytes)Healthcare 

              -   Good Samaritan Regional Medical Center, Phoenix, AZ - Expansion and Renovation of ICU, Outpatient Radiology,

                             Radiation Oncology, and Cardiology Departments.

     -   Scottsdale memorial Hospital, North, Scottsdale, AZ - Patient Tower, ICU, Operating Room Expansion

      -   Walter O. Boswell Memorial Hospital, Sun City, AZ - ER Dept Renovation, Angioplasty, CT Scan, Computer Room

                Addt'n, Radiology Med Gas and Central Plan Remodel

       Del E. Webb Memorial Hospital, Sun City West, AZ - CT Scan, Central Plant Piping and Heat Recovery

       -   Desert Samaritan Hospital, Mesa, AZ - Radiation Oncology Expansion

       -   Arizona State Hospital, Phoenix, Arizona - Multi-Building/Phased Renovation

       -   Maryvale Regional Medical Center, Phoenix, AZ  - OB Department Renovation LDRP's

       -   Veterans Administration Hospital, Phoenix, AZ - Medical Facilities Renovation

       -   Bullhead City Community Hospital, Bullhead City, AZ - OB and Emergency Department Remodel

       -   Sage Memorial Hospital, - Ponce Hall Renovation (Navajo Indian Reservation)

       -   Maricopa Medical Center, Phoenix, AZ - Pathology Lab Renovation

       -   Cigna Medical Center, Glendale, AZ - New Building

       -   Cigna Medical Center, Culver City, CA - Building Renovation

       -   Yuma Regional Medical Center, Yuma, AZ - 80,000 s.f. New OB Addition/Renovation, Central Plant Addition

       -   Yuma Regional Medical Center, Yuma, AZ - Ambulatory Care Center New Construction

       -   Yuma Regional Medical Center, Yuma, AZ - Cath Lab Renovation

       -   Yuma Regional Medical Center, Yuma, AZ - YDIC Renovation

       -   Boswel lHospital Reinvestment Project

shadowbox.jpg (746 bytes)Government/Commercial


     -  Arizona Department of Transportation, Yuma, AZ - New Licensing Center

       -  Industrial Comission of Arizona, Phoenix, AZ - Building Renovation

       -  Pueblo Grande Museum, Phenix, AZ - New Addition

       -  Crescent Hotel, Phoenix, AZ - Ballrooms and Cooling Towers


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Anthony Phu



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shadowbox.jpg (746 bytes)EDUCATION   


          HVAC Systems and Plumbing Design, UCLA Extension

           Pre-Engineering, Pierce College, Woodland Hills, CA



shadowbox.jpg (746 bytes)EXPERTISE


Mr. Phu  is a Senior HVAC designer with over 16 years experience and extensive involvement in the design of mechanical systems including heating, ventilating, and air conditioning; clean rooms, computer rooms, plumbing and process piping.

shadowbox.jpg (746 bytes)  Industrial 

                 - Intel Rio Rancho, New Mexico, Fab 11X.  Class 1/10/100 (300mm manufacturing facility) clean room.

                - Motorola Mos-6, Mesa, Arizona, 120,000 cfm Acid scrubber and 20,000 cfm Ammonia scrubber system.

                  - Motorola Mos-12, Chandler, Arizona, Smart Card and Bump Expansion, Class 10/100 Clean Room.

                - Microchips, Tempe, Arizona, Area-1 Expansion, Class 10/100 Clean Room

                     -   Boeing Company, Huntington Beach, California, 14,000 Cryogenic Test Facility

                  - Motorola, 52nd Street, Phoenix, Arizona, Expansion

                    - Atmel Fab 8, Colorado Springs, CO, 130,000 Fab with 1/10/100/1000 Clean Rooms.

                - Systemix Biotech Facilities

                - U.S. Postal Service, Mail/Vehicle Maintenance Facility

                  - 3M Class 100,000 pharmaceutical processing facilities

                - Microchips, Tempe, Arizona, Area-1 Expansion, Class 10/100 Clean Room



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Ronald Prusia

Senior CAD Operator

wpe7.jpg (24927 bytes)                                                                                              

Ron graduated from the High Tech Institute in May of 1995 and immediately began his career at Kunka Engineering.  As the Senior AutoCAD Operator he performs computer aided drafting for mechanical engineers specializing in the design of Fire Protection, HVAC and Plumbing systems.  Responsible for overseeing day to day operations in the CAD Department, plots, incoming and outgoing e-mail files, and backing up of all computer files.


Proficient with AutoCAD R 14 and Windows

Windows NT 4.1, Windows for Workgroups

Strong understanding of basic drafting principles

Commercial, Industrial, and Architectural Drafting experience

Reading blueprints

Experience with Plotters, Printers

Preparing As-Built drawings

Strong project management skills

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Jim Hart

CAD Operator/Designer


                                 wpe9.jpg (84668 bytes)


Jim graduated from High Tech Institute in 2000.  As an AutoCAD Draftsman he performs computer aided drafting for mechanical engineers specializing in the design of Fire Protection, HVAC and Plumbing systems.  He works closely with Engineers ensuring the accuracy and timeliness of finished projects.


Proficient with AutoCAD R 12, 14, 2000 and Windows

Production Drawings

Windows NT 4.1, Windows for Workgroups

Strong understanding of basic drafting principles

Reading blueprints

Experience with Plotters, Printers

Preparing As-Built drawings

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Jeanne Bol

Office Manager


Jeanne began her career with KEi in 1996 after moving to Phoenix from Columbus, Ohio.  She previously worked for the Veterans Administration as Secretary to the Chief of Medicine at the Columbus Outpatient Clinic and as a Financial Analyst at the Defense Finance Accounting Service. 


If you need any assistance in obtaining a marketing packet or any information please e-mail her at or call at 1-602-840-1701.


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